Best Practices

Learning and Sharing

What are the elements of a “Best Practice?” What makes a practice “best” instead of business-as-usual?  There are many individual qualities we could mention, but here are a few they all seem to share:

  • Best Practices deal with outcomes worth fighting for, like protecting something worth saving or filling a crucial need.
  • Best Practices are built on solid foundations of both research and experience.
  • Best Practices are inspired.  They provide examples of people thinking about challenges in new ways.
  • Best Practices are employed by “Best Practitioners” – people who are mission-driven and committed.
  • Best Practices get better over time. Best Practitioners monitor their progress, learn as they go, and adjust what they are doing accordingly.

If you have a “Best Practice” program you think we should include, please share it with us by commenting in the form on the right.

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