In the development of the Existing Conditions and Trends Platform, NEOSCC has compiled pre-existing policy plans and initiatives that are available across the Ohio region into a searchable database.

To search this database, click here: Northeast Ohio Plans and Initiatives Database

The plans and initiatives that are included in this database are listed below.  This list is also available for download as a spreadsheet.

Plan / Initiative Title
Advance Northeast Ohio2012 (update)Our Region’s Economic Competitiveness Agenda
Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study2010Connecting Communities: A Guide to Integrating Land Use and Transportation
Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study2010Long-Range Regional Transportation Plan
Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study2010Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Report
Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study2010Public Transportation Needs Report
American Society of Landscape Architects2012 (update)Sustainable Sites Initiative (Cleveland Botantical Garden, Holden Arboretum, West Creek Reservation)
Ashtabula County Department of Planning2009A Framework for Intra-Ashtabula County Planning Collaboration & Association Among Planning and Zoning Departments and Associated Agencies
Ashtabula County Department of Planning2003Comprehensive Plan: Land and Living in Ashtabula County (A Community in Conversation About its Future)
Ashtabula County Department of Planning2003 (?)Countywide All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
BlueGreen Alliance2006Ohio’s Road to Energy Independence: Job Growth in Renewable Energy Component Manufacturing
City of Cleveland2011 (update)Sustainable Cleveland 2019
City of Cleveland Planning CommissionConnecting Cleveland 2020
City of Lorain2010 (update)Envision Lorain
City of Youngstown2010Youngstown 2010
City of Youngstown and Youngstown Neighborhood Development Council2010Youngstown Neighborhood Transformation: Gray to Green Project
Cleveland Metroparks2011 (update)The Emerald Necklace Centennial Plan
Cleveland Metroparks2000Cleveland Metroparks 2000: Conserving Our Natural Heritage
Cleveland Restoration Society2010Cleveland Restoration Society: Strategic Plan 2010-2012
Community Partnership for Arts and Culture2009Community Partnership for Arts and Culture: The Strategic Plan 2009-2012
Compact with Ohio Cities Task Force2010Recommendations for Redevelopment and Smart Growth in Ohio
Cuyahoga County Board of Health2012 (update)Place Matters Initiative
Cuyahoga County Planning Commission2002Greenspace Plan
Cuyahoga Land Bank2012 (update)Ohio Attorney General looks to Land Bank as potential partner to help make use of $355 million to come to Ohio as a result of a 48 state settlement with 5 largest mortgage lenders
Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization2012 (update)Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan
Cuyahoga Valley Initiative2006 (pilot)Pilot Study with Rocky Mountain Land Institute (2003-2006); Placemaking Map
Cuyahoga Valley Planning Commission2007 (update)Towpath Trail and Greenway Extension
Eastgate Council of GovernmentsNATrumbull-Mahoning Green Pact
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments20052030 Long-Range Transportation Program (2040 Plan Development Underway)
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments2007Transportation Improvement Plan (2011-2014)
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments2011Transit Development Program (2011-2015)
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments2006208 Water Quality Management Plan
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments2012 (update)Mahoning River Ecological Restoration Project
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments/Alliance for Watershed Action and Resource Education-(AWARE)2012 (draft)Yellow Creek Watershed Action Plan
EcoCity Cleveland1999Citizens’ Bioregional Plan for Northeast Ohio
Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S)2012 (update)
Euclid Creek Watershed Council2006Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan
Euclid Creek Watershed Council2007Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan
Evergreen Cooperatives2012 (update)
Fund for Our Economic Future2011A Regional Agenda to Advance Northeast Ohio
Fund for Our Economic Future2012 (update)The Plus: A Revival in Youngstown; A New Movement is Revitalizing Our Urban Neighborhoods
Fund for Our Economic Future2012 (update)EfficientGovNow Network
Fund for Our Economic Future2012 (update)Team NEO
Fund for Our Economic Future2012 (update)WorkAdvance
Fund for Our Economic Future2013
Greater Cleveland Partnership2012 (update)Created March 2004 by the consolidation of Cleveland Tomorrow, the Greater Cleveland Growth Association, the Greater Cleveland Roundtable and their primary affiliates—COSE, the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition (NorTech), and the Commission on Economic Inclusion.
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority2004Transit 2025 Plan
Greater Ohio2012 (update)
Grow Youngstown2012 (update)
Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition; Council of Great Lakes Industries2007America’s North Coast: A Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Program to Protect and Restore the Great Lakes
I-Open: Institute for Open Economic Networks2006New Models of Economic Development
Lake County Planning Commission2005Lake County Coastal Development Plan
Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District2009Lake County Nursery Industry Study
Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership (LEAP)2007A Legacy of Living Places: Conserving the Diversity of Nature in the Lake Erie Allegheny Ecoregion
Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership (LEAP)2008Chagrin River Watershed VISTA Pilot Project Report to LEAP
LocalFoodSystems.org2012 (update)Promoting strong local economies by building business ecosystems rooted in agriculture
Lorain County2006
Lorain County2012 (update)Black River Watershed Project
Lower Big Creek Greenway Redevelopment and Restoration Plan2009
Mahoning County Planning Commission20062006-2016 Mahoning County Land Use Plan
Mahoning River Consortium2012 (update)
McKinsey & Company2007Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How Much at What Cost?
Medina County2004All Hazard and Flood Mitigation Plan
Medina County Department of Planning Services2004Land Use Compatibility Study (Joint Economic Planning Committee)
METRO Regional Transit AuthorityLong-Range Transit Master Plan
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District2012 (update)Muskingum River Basin Initiative
NeoFood Web2010The 25% Shift: Benefits of Food Localization for Northeast Ohio and How to Realize Them
NorTech Energy Enterprise2012 (update)Advanced Energy Roadmaps
NorTech Energy Enterprise2012 (update)Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo)
NorTech Energy Enterprise2012 (update)Clean Technology Incubator
North Coast Regional Park District (Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Sandusky)2000GIS, Project Management Website, & On-line Mapping
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2009Connections 2030: Long-Range Transportation Plan
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2011Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2006Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2007New Fine Particulate (PM2.5) Implementation Plan (SIP)
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2006Regional Storm Water Task Force Model Ordinances
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2005 (update)208 Water Quality Management Plan
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency2012 (update)Black River Remedial Action Plan (RAP)
Northeast Ohio City County Association (NOCCA)2012 (update)
Northeast Ohio Ecosystem Consortium2010
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2003Lake Erie Basin Clean Water Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2005Ohio River Basin Clean Water Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2011 (update)208 Clean Water Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2012 (update)Little Cuyahoga River Action Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2007Nimishillen Creek Watershed Action Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2011 (draft)Upper Wolf Creek Watershed Action Plan
Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning & Development Organization2011Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Northeast Ohio Green Building Initiative2012 (update)
Northeast Ohio Regional Parks Consortium2012 (update)Eight County Open Space Plan
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District2010Project Clean Lake (consent decree)
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District2011 (update)Stormwater Management Program
Northeast Ohio Trade & Economic Consortium2012NEOTEC/Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority to Administer Foreign-Trade Zone 40
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center2012 (update)Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
Ohio Agriculture to Chemicals, Polymers, and Advanced Materials Task Force2008Report and Recommendations to the General Assembly and the Governor
Ohio BlueGreen Apollo Alliance2011The Ohio Green Manufacturing Action Plan: Next Steps in a Clean Energy Manufacturing Policy Agenda for Ohio
Ohio Canal Corridor2012 (update)Towpath Trail with its connector trails, our nationally-designated Scenic Byway, and the evolving Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.
Ohio Department of Transportation2011Go Ohio Transportation Futures Plan
Ohio Department of Transportation2012 (update)Cleveland Innerbelt Modernization Plan
Ohio Department of Transportation2012 (update)Cleveland Opportunity Corridor
Ohio Department of Transportation2012 (update)Cleveland Lakefront West Project
Ohio Department of Transportation2012 (update)Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial) Bikeway
Ohio Department of Transportation2012 (update)Lake County – State Route 2 Modernization
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2011 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Overview
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2011 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Chagrin River Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Chippewa Creek Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Upper Rocky River West Branch Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Big Creek Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Brandywine Creek Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Eastern Lake County Coastal Tributaries Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Furnace Run Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program: Lower Mosquito Creek Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2012 (update)Balanced Growth Program:  Upper Chippewa Creek Watershed Plan
Ohio Lake Erie Commission2008Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan
Ohio Public Works2012 (update)Clean Ohio Conservation Fund
Ohio Rail Development Commission2008Ohio Hub Plan
Ohio Rideshare2012 (update)Ohio Rideshare
Ohio School Facilities Commission2012 (update)Green Schools Program
Ohio School Facilities Commission2011 (update)Ohio School Design Manual
Ohio State University Extension (David Marrison)2008Ohio Grape & Wine Economic Impact Study
Political Economy Research Institute2008Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State Picture of Occupations that Gain from Green Investments
Political Economy Research Institute2009Cleveland, Ohio: Green Prosperity and Poverty Reduction
Rails to Trails of Wayne County2011 (update)
Regional Prosperity Initiative2010Growing Our Region’s Future: Regional Coordinated Planning & New Growth Tax Base Revenue Sharing
ReImagining 2.02010Maps (main project website not available)
Rocky River Watershed Council2006Rocky River Watershed Action Plan
South Russell Multipurpose Trail Foundation2010Chagrin Falls Region Alternative Transportation Study
Stark County Area Transportation Study2005Year 2030 Transportation Plan for Stark County, Ohio
Stark County Area Transportation Study2007TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM 2008-2011
Stark County Planning Department2011Sustainable Planning and Zoning Handbook
Stark County Regional Planning Commission2005Stark County 2030 Comprehensive/Transportation Plan
Stark County Regional Planning Commission1995Stark County 2020 Plan
Stark County Regional Planning Commission2009Stark County Stormwater Management Program 2009-2014
Summit County Department of Community and Economic Development20092010-2014 Consolidated Plan: Housing and Community Development Programs
Summit County Engineer’s Office2002Countywide Storm Water Management Program
Summit County Planning Commission2006Summit County General Land Use Development Plan
Summit County Port Authority2012Summit County Port Authority Strategic Plan
The Oberlin Project2012 (update)The Oberlin Project
The Pew Charitable Trusts2009The Clean Energy Economy: State-by-State
Trumbull County Metroparks2009Comprehensive Plan
Trust for Public Land2012 (update)Parks for People; Blossom Music Center; Ohio-Erie Canalway; Towpath Trail
Wayne County2010 (update)The Wayne County Hazard Mitigation Plan
Wayne County – Muskingum River Basin2012 (update)Water Quality Trading
Wayne County Planning Department2007Comprehensive Plan Audit
West Creek Preservation Committee2007West Creek Greenway Trail System Plan
West Creek Preservation Committee2008 (update)West Creek Watershed Action Plan
Western Reserve Land Conservancy2012 (update)Land Conservation; Map of Parks and Protected Areas
Western Reserve Land Conservancy2011 (update)Heritage Feasibility Study
Westshore Commuter Rail Task Force2011 (update)Westshore Corridor Transportation Project