Question & Answers_First Release

We received nearly 100 questions at the 11 Vision Sessions in October. In order to reply in an organized manner, we have created a few major categories for the questions:

• About US – questions regarding NEOSCC and Vibrant NEO.
• Vision – questions regarding the development of the Vibrant NEO Vision.
• Data – questions regarding the data utilized or process during the Scenario Planning Process.
• Definitions – questions on terminology or concepts presented at the Vision Sessions.
• Surveys – questions regarding the two public opinion polls that NEOSCC has conducted.
• Economic Development – questions regarding economic development and jobs.
• Policies – questions regarding policy recommendations.
• Engagement – questions on the engagement process.
• Other – questions that did not seem to align with the other categories.

In these categories, we have grouped together similar questions and responses. All questions are bulleted while answers are in the framed text box.
This is the first of three question/answer documents that will be published. If you do not see an answer to the question you submitted it will be in one of the next two sets. The next document will be published at the end of the December and the final document will accompany the publishing of the report and appendix in February.

Click here to read the 1st round of Questions and Answers