Workshop Toolkit

How to use the Vibrant NEO Toolkit:

In order to help NEOSCC spread the word about the upcoming first round of Scenario Planning Public Workshops, we’ve created this Toolkit, which includes that make it easy to talk about and share the work shop invitation with your networks.

The Toolkit components include:

  • Newsletter articles and graphics
    • If your organization has a printed or emailed newsletter, that’s a great way to spread the word about then Vibrant NEO workshops.  The Toolkit includes sample articles, in lengths of about 100, 200, 300 and 500 words for whatever space your newsletter allows.  We’ve provide sample graphics and images to include, as well.
    • VibrantNEO Newsletter Samples
    • Invitation 1
    • Invitation 2
  • Sample email, Facebook and Twitter messages
    • You and your organizations have substantial networks, whether they are email contacts, Facebook friends or Twitter followers.  In the Toolkit, we’ve provided you with sample messages you can use to share the invitation info with your networks.
    • Sample Email Text
    • Sample Social Media Text
  • Website badges and widget
    • Your organization’s website is an important communications hub for your networks, and that means it’s a perfect place to share information about Vibrant NEO workshops.  The Toolkit provides several ways to share the invitation info.
    • Square and banner-sized icons for your website homepage which link directly to the Vibrant NEO workshop page.  Your website administrator can help decide which fits best on your site.
    • Image Small 1
    • Image Small 2
    • Image Large 1
    • Image Large 2

We appreciate your help spreading the word about the Vibrant NEO public workshops.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to a sustainable future for Northeast Ohio.