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NEOSCC synthesized the feedback it received and the choices participants made during the development of Vibrant NEO 2040.  The future Northeast Ohioans have said they want for their region is indeed vibrant, resilient and sustainable. Northeast Ohio residents aspire to create a region where we


The following were identified as the critical objectives to address this mission:

• Protect our soil, water, air, and ecologically sensitive areas
• Improve our regional fiscal health
• Develop our regional economy with accessible employment opportunities
• Enhance our regional transportation network
• Cultivate and celebrate our local assets and places of public value
• Expand our parks and open-space network
• Preserve and value our prime farmland as a regional economic asset.

How do we get there? In its Recommendations Vibrant NEO 2040 proposes how Northeast Ohio can accomplish them. The implementation of Vibrant NEO 2040 is up to you, Northeast Ohio’s communities and residents.

RECOMMENDATIONS: View the slide show to see the Nine Recommendations!

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