Vibrant NEO 2040 Data

Vibrant NEO 2040 used the open source software Envision Tomorrow (ET) to model its scenarios. ET enables users to create alternative spatial scenarios and analyze how their community’s current growth patterns and future policies will affect land use, housing, demographics, economic growth, development feasibility, fiscal health, transportation, environmental factors, and quality of life. ET includes both analysis and scenario design tools. The analysis tools enable users to analyze aspects of their current community using commonly accessible GIS data, such as tax assessor parcel data and census data. The scenario design tools enable users to “paint” alternative future development scenarios on the landscape and compare scenario outcomes in real-time.

As part of the final report, the GIS files are being made available.

The image above represents the file mapping of the 1GB zip file that we are making available through an FTP site.

Click items below to download:

Data Inventory Excel Spreadsheet

Data File Map JPEG Image

Data Zip File (1GB)