VNEO 2040 Full Report

Vibrant NEO was launched to create a more vibrant, resilient, and sustainable  Northeast Ohio – one that is full of energy and enthusiasm, a good steward of its built and natural resources, and adaptable and responsive to change.

This document—Vibrant NEO 2040: A Vision, Framework, and Action Products for Our Future—is the central component of Vibrant NEO 2040. It describes the:

• Project background
• Regional context
• Scenario planning process and outcomes
• Regional Vision

These sections were written and sequenced to form a narrative arc, but the document can also be read like a reference guide, enabling readers to jump in and out of the text as they wish.

This document is intended for many different audiences. Some of the material was written for a broad audience, while other sections were written for technical experts, policy makers, and regional leadership. Information presented within a section generally goes from more general to more technical.

You can download the entire report or individual sections below: