NEOSCC’s Mission

NEOSCC’s purpose centers on three words:

  • VIBRANT – Full of energy and enthusiasm; vigorous, lively, and vital.
  • RESILIENT – Responsive to change; adaptable; Able to spring back; rebound
  • SUSTAINABLE – Meeting present needs while retaining the ability to meet future needs; not exhausting resources, and,

NEOSCC’s mission is to create conditions for a more VIBRANT, RESILIENT, and SUSTAINABLE Northeast Ohio – Northeast Ohio that is full of vitality, a good steward of its built and natural resources, and that is adaptable and responsive to change.

NEOSCC’s Values

NEOSCC is engaging Northeast Ohio to think about its future. It believes in creating a shared vision for the future that is developed through a robust community and stakeholder engagement process. It believes such a shared vision will result in a healthier, more economically and socially equitable future for our region.

NEOSCC believes that its public visioning processes must be fully representative of the region’s diversity of interests and it is committed to engaging communities at all levels who may not normally be involved in such planning initiatives. NEOSCC’s principles for engagement include:

  • Transparent, effective and accountable communication and leadership
  • Collaborative planning and engagement
  • Being neither top-down or bottom-up but multi-directional
  • Relationship building that leads to “acting like a region”
  • Issue- and action-oriented planning that leads to “strategic doing” and tangible outputs.

NEOSCC’s Outcomes

NEOSCC’s primary task in pursuit of this mission and values is the development of Vibrant NEO 2040: A Framework for Our Future, which will include:

  • A shared vision for our region
  • A framework for Northeast Ohio’s communities to achieve vibrancy, resilience and sustainability
  • A dashboard of key metrics to measure our region’s progress.
  • A toolkit for action containing research and analysis, best practices, and pilot programs that will help Northeast Ohio move towards its preferred vision
  • Policy and funding recommendations for Northeast Ohio’s civic leaders, and,


In addition, the Vibrant NEO 2040 process will result in a Vibrant NEO Network of engaged and connected stakeholders that have the “will and skill” to collaborate on regional vitality and fuel regional momentum.

NEOSCC believes in the importance of recognizing the relationships among land use, transportation, infrastructure investment, and environmental quality. NEOSCC will support land use patterns and decision-making processes that will:

  • Encourage strategies promoting region-wide economic prosperity and housing equity
  • Support the development of multiple, sustainable means of region-wide travel
  • Restore and enhance NEO’s natural systems and significant built environments,
  • Advance cost-effective investment in NEO’s infrastructure and public services,
  • Improve environmental quality,
  • Build collaborative regional initiatives, and,
  • Catalyze community-focused economic development and place-based community design.

Ultimately, the outcome NEOSCC is working toward can be summed up in the three key words in its mission: A Northeast Ohio that is more VIBRANT, SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT.