Cleveland is a pilot of the STAR Community Rating System

The City of Cleveland has been identified as a pilot of the STAR Community Rating System. In November 2012, STAR Communities launched the STAR Community Pilot Program, which taps nearly thirty leadership cities and counties in a year-long testing evaluation of the STAR Community Rating System. Local community leaders will use the STAR Community Rating System to assess how sustainable they already are, set goals for moving ahead and measure progress along the way. STAR Pilot Communities will be the first to receive a rating based on their responses using the Technical Guide, Online Reporting Tool, and associated products and services that are designed to help local communities establish and measure their own sustainability. From the STAR website…

Every local place has a unique vision for a healthy environment, a strong economy and the well-being of the people living in that community. Individual governments and leaders will always address their sustainability plans in ways that work best for them. But the path to progress is now easier with the launch the groundbreaking STAR Community Rating System.


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