Local Food Systems: Helping entrepreneurs work together to grow business rooted in agriculture


Local Food Systems is a project of the Agroecosystems Management Program of The Ohio State UniversityOhio Agricultural Research and Development Center and many collaborators in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Site development has been supported by a USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative Regional Partnerships for Innovation Grant (posted here) as well as a structural change grant from the Fund for Our Economic Future in Northeast Ohio (information here).

Local Food Systems strives to promote strong local and regional economies by offering tools that help entrepreneurs build business ecosystems rooted in agriculture. Entrepreneurs can use the tools on the Local Food Systems website to connect their business idea into a supply chain network of locally owned businesses, existing and planned, and together with other entrepreneurs and locally owned businesses find the capital needed to launch their businesses. Food is of particular interest both to entrepreneurs and consumers, hence the name localfoodsystems.org, but other basic needs like energy, equipment, services and materials that are part of agriculture are of equal importance.

The Local Food Systems philosophy is rooted in the idea that:

  • We have the people, land and climate needed to produce fresh, affordable, and healthy food, renewable energy, shelter and the things we use daily
  • Our growing community of entrepreneurs, producers and consumers can create strong local economies by creating new locally owned businesses and jobs.
  • Vibrant local and regional agriculture generates wealth in communities, establishes healthy environments for families, and enhances quality of life for all.

You can visit the Local Food Systems website by clicking here!


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