Public Opinion Polling

As a another means for gauging the values of the region, NEOSCC conducted two benchmark surveys of residents in 12 counties in Northeast Ohio.  The statistically valid surveys were conducted by TRIAD Research Group

  • The first survey included a total of 802 interviews were completed with residents, 400 by telephone and 402 on-line. The results from the two survey modes were merged and weighted demographically.  This first round was conducted from April 20 to April 27, 2012 and has a margin of error of ± 3.5%.
  • For the second survey, a total of 610 interviews were completed with residents, 300 by telephone and 310 on-line.  The results from the two survey modes were merged and then weighted demographically. It was completed between June 7 and 12, 2013.  The survey has a margin of error of ± 4.0%.

The content of these two surveys focused on the issues of perceptions of the region, quality of life, sustainability and the role of government.  The results were used to inform the scenario planning process and the development of the regional vision.

In both surveys, satisfaction with Northeast Ohio as a place to live ranged from 86 to 89%).  In the second survey more said things are getting better (up from 39% to 45%).

There was some consistency in what is important to the area where they live and their priorities for sustainability.  The three most important things to them were: 1) clean air, water and land (91%), 2) safe neighborhoods (89%) and 3) a well maintained infrastructure (88%).

You can view the results of each poll in the following pdf’s.