Sustainability Pays off In Summit County

Non-profits and businesses in Summit County, Ohio are taking the proper measures to make a Green Print in the county, with The Summit of Sustainability Awards.  According to the site, The Summit of Sustainability Award is a natural outgrowth of the City of Akron’s Green Print which since March of 2008 has worked to quantify the impacts government, commercial/industrial, and residential activities on our environment. The Green Ribbon Panel’s (charged with driving Green Print change) Education and Outreach Subcommittee knew that there were many sustainability success stories within the business and non-profit community throughout Summit County and felt those successes could serve as a guide for other organizations seeking to achieve triple bottom line improvements: People, Profit and Planet.  A group of area companies and non-profits who had shown a dedication to sustainability practices along with the City and County was convened to create a regional recognition process that could grow over time.  The group felt strongly that the initial application process should be simple and broad to allow many organizations to participate.  They also wanted to create a central website that could become an ongoing resource for new tools and techniques that were shown to be successful in day-to-day practice. The Summit of Sustainability Award Panel highly encourages all companies and non-profits to consider applying for the award.  For more information about The Summit of Sustainability Awards, visit the website at