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01 Apr: Oberlin Project: Rethink Your Ride

The Oberlin Project is launching another Rethink Your Ride Alternative Transportation Challenge from today through April 21. From their website 2013 Rethink Your Ride Alternative Transportation Last year during the Fall Rethink Your Ride Challenge, participants avoided over 3,700 single occupancy vehicle miles during the six-week competition. This year the Oberlin Project is coordinating this community-wide alternative transportation challenge in association with Oberlin College‚Äôs Ecolympics event for those who live, learn, work, and play in Oberlin. The Ecolympics is a competition between dorms to reduce electricity and water. In addition, there will be dozens of events aimed at education and integrating principles of sustainability into the entire Oberlin community. Transportation and housing costs can account for as much as 45% of a household income. Using alternative methods of transportation for local shopping and daily commute to work may create a healthier lifestyle, reduce transportation expense while also reducing carbon emissions….