Where we are going

Vibrant NEO 2040: A Vision & Framework for Our Future is an opportunity for Northeast Ohio communities to explore the region’s long-term development patterns and to think together about what we want our region to be like in the future. The goal of Vibrant NEO 2040 is to create a shared Framework for Our Future that reflects the values, voices and vision of the public. Broad public participation at all stages is essential to building this framework and a legacy for generations to come.

Our work focuses on developing a framework, analysis and products integrating Economic Development, Environments, Housing and Communities, Connections (Transportation) and Quality Connected places.

Scenario Planning Process

The Scenario Planning process will examine the region’s future and develop and compare a set of alternative future scenarios.  Scenario Planning enables the region’s citizens and governments to collaborate on the creation of a shared vision.

Regional Assessment of Impediments for Fair Housing

  • A comprehensive review of the jurisdiction’s laws, regulations, and administrative policies, procedures, and practices;
  • An assessment of how those laws, etc., affect the location, availability, and accessibility of housing, services, commercial and retail development; and
  • An assessment of conditions, both public and private, affecting fair housing choice in areas of low and high opportunity.
Data Collection September – December 2012
Analysis and Development of Preliminary Findings December 2012 – March 2013
Draft Report, Formal Presentation and Final Report March 2013 – July 2013

NEOSCC Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice study includes collecting the opinions and experiences of people who are involved in the housing industry, including housing consumers.  In November, NEOSCC will be conducting an survey FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS throughout the 12-county region.

Action Product Development

Products will be designed along the following process to ensure that each of the Consortium’s products is vetted and improved through the iterative engagement process and tied directly to the goals, purpose, and vision of the region.

Current – December 2013