Defining Northeast Ohio Cluster Opportunities in the Ag-Bio Sector

Northeast Ohio is home to a broad set of players in the agricultural-bioscience (ag-bio) sector, one of the largest and most influential sectors in the region. To better understand the potential of this diverse sector, the Fund for Our Economic Future  sponsored an assessment to facilitate a more informed dialogue around the definition and scope of the ag-bio sector in Northeast Ohio, and identify high-potential areas which merit further exploration and/or investment.

Based on a review of regional assets and potential opportunities by the Bush Consulting Group, the research suggests economic development efforts might focus on three areas of opportunity that could favorably impact the region’s economy, environment and labor diversity:

  • Export-oriented cluster development opportunities such as packaged food and food safety, hardwood, and bio-polymers and composites
  • Import substitution in local foods and beverage including beer, wine and spirits; and dairy-related industries
  • Early stage support and start-ups such as alternative natural rubbers and latex

Read the full report to learn more about the recommendations.

Questions, comments? Ideas for further exploration or audiences? Contact Emily Garr, Manager of Research, Grants & Evaluation, at the Fund.

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