What makes a quality connected place?

Quality Connected Places

One of the Vibrant NEO 2040 work streams is focused on the attributes of a quality connected place and the elements that lead to vibrant place making. We have many of these great spaces and places through Northeast Ohio that truly make our 12 county region unique.

A good way to begin analyzing these attributes of quality connected places is to think about what we have as assets in the region. Northeast Ohio is a diverse, vibrant and exciting region, with assets, attributes and points of pride in every community. Those assets may be natural wonders, historic buildings, cultural monuments, arts institutions, etc.

Everyone who lives here has his or her own idea of Northeast Ohio’s most important assets. NEOSCC has been working to catalog, map, and quantify the impact of Northeast Ohio’s regional and local assets. Because our assets make us what we are as a region, we want to better understand what they are, where they are, and what they mean to us.

What is a Northeast Ohio asset that is important to you? It could be something local in your community or something that you travel to within the region or perhaps it is something that you know draws visitors into our region.  The shuffle images on our new home page celebrate something unique about each of our 12 counties but we know there are many many more.

Visit our asset map and take a look at our “starting block.” This is a preliminary gathering of some of our assets. What are we missing? What assets help to create Northeast Ohio’s unique, quality connected places? By the way, you can also use the map to discover some assets and places to visit throughout the region (our map will tell you the distance needed to travel.)

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