Great launch to Vibrant NEO Workshops

Discussing the challenges and opportunities of Northeast Ohio’s future clearly strikes a chord with residents, at least if Tuesday evening is any indication. More than 200 residents and community leaders turned out Tuesday evening to plan a better, stronger, more sustainable future for our region. ¬†Attendees at the Vibrant NEO Workshops in Warren and Oberlin were engaged and energetic to discuss the future. ¬†We hope to see you tonight in Cleveland or Canton or tomorrow in Akron or Warrensville Heights.

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I attended the “workshop” in Oberlin. Let me tell you, it was a total sham. NEOSCC has already decided what they want to do with your “region”. This “workshop” was nothing more than an attempt at giving it a face of legitimacy. They started by informing us that they were not offering a Q&A session. I wonder why? You had to sit at a table that was managed by a shill called “facilitator”. To help the shill, each table had atleast to lackeys present to make sure the outcome came out exaclty the way they wanted it. The task of each table was so childish. They gave you stickers and you had to attach them to places you wanted to deem green or urban or metro. It was really stupid. Stupid, but diabolical. Even if you didn’t participate (noone at our table did except the two lackeys), they still submitted the map as proof of what “the people want”. It was totally bogus. Our “region” has 3.8 million people in it. The workshops will have a total attendance of maybe 600 people. So 600 people (and most didn’t participate directly) are going to bypass YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, play grownup and decide how the “region” should be managed. What a joke! In reality though, its not a joke. NEOSCC is well funded with YOUR FEDERAL TAXES through HUD and they fully plan on implementing the United Nation’s vision of Agenda 21. Oh, that’s right, I forgot about the memo that we’re not supposed to use the term “Agenda 21”. That might scare people. Instead, we’ll use the term “Sustainable Development”. Wake up America, your country is being stolen from you…and right in front of your eyes.

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