Interested in reducing costs, stress, carbon footprint, pollution and congestion? Are you up for the Commuter Challenge?

Multitask Much? How would you like to…

save money on fuel,
reduce your stress,
reduce your carbon footprint, and
reduce air pollution and traffic congestion?

You can accomplish all this and so much more by joining NOACA’s commuter challenge!

What is Commuter Challenge?
Commuter Challenge is a clean-air campaign that encourages people to try an alternative to driving alone. It is also a friendly competition among Northeast Ohio businesses in which employees choose a sustainable mode of transportation such as walking, biking, carpooling, telecommuting, or using public transportation.

How does Commuter Challenge work?
Employees representing their organization can sign up for the Challenge. Individuals not associated with an organization are also welcome to participate. At the end of the Challenge, participants complete the commuter form (third link on the left). The organization with the highest participation rate wins and will be recognized in a news release, publication and radio spots related to this event.

For more information on this amazing opportunity, click here.

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