NEO 101

Everyone who lives in Northeast Ohio is an expert on this region in his or her own way.  We each have our own experiences and insights about how our region works and what in our region is most valuable.

Learning, Sharing, Creating and Acting:  If we really want to understand our region, however, we have to add a deeper level of study to our individual experiences.  NEOSCC calls the first step in this deeper level of study “NEO 101”.

NEO 101 collects key information about Northeast Ohio’s use of land and other natural resources to build, support, grow and connect its communities and its economies. It provides analysis of land use choices and their impact, and identifies both strengths and challenges.  And it offers examples of how people in our region and from across the country are addressing issues of vibrancy, resilience, and sustainability.

To start, we created a NEO 101 syllabus that includes

NEO 101 Presentations

NEOSCC’s Conditions and Trends Platform

NEOSCC’s Conditions and Trends Platform is a first-of-its-kind, online collection of information, data and maps that can be used to answer questions about Northeast Ohio and how its different pieces fit together. The Conditions and Trends Platform’s purpose is to help provide insight into Northeast Ohio’s future by giving us a tool that all of us can use to better understand Northeast Ohio’s yesterday and it’s today.

The Conditions and Trends Platform aggregates data and analyses from more than 200 Northeast Ohio region plans and planning initiatives into XX Findings.  These findings have been organized into five Themes that tell a story about where Northeast Ohio has come from, where it is and where it seems to be going…


Digi-NEO is a set of discrete facts about Northeast Ohio – its’ population, housing, communities, economy, environment, transportation, transit and health.  Check them out, then let us know: How many Digi-NEO?

NEO Planning Initiatives Library

NEOSCC has collected links to more than 200 community plans and planning initiatives from communities across Northeast Ohio.  The documents from these initiatives can be viewed individually or you can use our search function to find references to your community or to issues you care about.

Best Practices

NEOSCC’s team has been combing the web and soliciting examples of innovative approaches to the economic development, housing, transportation, and environmental challenges in Northeast Ohio. Here’s what they have found…