Phase One Workshop – Results

Over a three day period (April 30 – May 2) nearly 600 individuals participated in our Business As Usual Workshops.  The sessions focused on a presentation of the Business As Usual Scenario, instant polling and a mapping exercise to engage attendees in a discussion about how the region should look going forward. You can access a video from our Akron Workshop here.

Below you will find some of the results from the first Workshop Series.  We have included an overall summary of the workshop results, a closer look at how different development typologies were utilized during the mapping exercise and a library of all of the maps created by workshop attendees.


Summary of Workshop Results

Interested in learning about the results from our first round of workshops?  Click on the link below to review a powerpoint summary of attendees, mapping exercise and instant polling.

NEOSCC_Business As Usual Workshop_Results_052813

Summary of Thematic Feedback and Table Notes



During the mapping exercise, we encouraged attendees to take notes about ideas and concerns at each table.  This document is a record of the notes taken by volunteer note-takers during the mapping exercise conducted at the Vibrant NEO 2040 “Business As Usual” Scenario Workshop Series  Click here to read through VibrantNEO_PhaseOne_TableNotes.



What development types did participants use?

During the mapping exercise, attendees were able to place different development typologies on a Northeast Ohio map.  The results from this exercise are summarized in the powerpoint results above. Here is a different look at the outputs focused on the number of different chips utilized. Click here to access  VibrantNEO_Workshop_ChipPlacement.