Products: What is Working / What is Needed

Building Northeast Ohio’s future

As part of the Vibrant NEO initiative NEOSCC is developing action products that focus on implementing, supporting, and highlighting current best practices and creating new tools, policy recommendations, and pilot projects that turn the Vibrant NEO vision into reality.

There are a number of great projects, policies, and tools used in Northeast Ohio and we would like to know about them. While many challenges have unique elements based on your situation, often these same challenges have been analyzed and addressed in other parts of the region. That’s where NEOSCC can help!

The purpose of the “What is Working” request is so we can identify and organize great projects, policies, and tools into a user-friendly list on our website. If you know of a project, policy, or tool currently being used in Northeast Ohio, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thanks!






The purpose of the “What is Needed” request is so we can identify the tools and policies needs and challenges.  What is missing in your tool kit to address issues and create efficiency in your work?  We have created the form below to engage you in helping identify these needs.  PLEASE CLICK HERE Thanks!