Pilot Projects

NEOSCC and its Pilots working group identified more than 300 Pilot Projects supportive of sustainability. These Pilots include 275 existing projects or initiatives found in the region and 30 proposed pilots that demonstrate emerging best practices and show promise for moving the region towards the Vibrant NEO 2040 Vision. Each pilot is tied to the specific Recommendation and Initiative to which it applies.

•Contains 270 + existing pilots & 30+ proposed pilots
•Framework, selection & evaluation criteria developed
•Includes potential funding sources by topic/grant opportunity
•Audiences: All, but mainly local practitioners, elected officials, citizens, nonprofits


Pilot projects are the emerging best practices that show promise in moving the region towards the Vibrant NEO 2040 Vision. They provide an opportunity to test new problem-solving approaches, and may include both small- or large-scale initiatives. The focus of the Pilots initiative is the identification of projects on the ground in Northeast Ohio that may be replicated or developed. By gathering information on pilots currently in process, planned, or completed in the region, stakeholders are provided with resources and contacts in communities that are addressing sustainability issues, such as those highlighted in the Conditions & Trends Platform or through the scenario planning process.

Click here to access the Pilots Criteria: Vibrant NEO Project Criteria and Background

Click her to access the Pilots Database: Vibrant NEO Pilot Project Database