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Hey! – SAVE THE DATE – Vibrant NEO Public Work Shops

March 6, 2013 in Engagement, News, Scenario Planning

What are Vibrant NEO 2040 and Scenario Planning?

VibrantNEO 2040’s scenarios will tell stories about our possible futures, based on where Northeast Ohio is today and the choices we might make about how we use our land and how we invest our resources. Once we create these scenarios, we will be able to compare how successful they are at achieving our common goals for the region, judge which choices would be best for Northeast Ohio’s future, and create a shared vision and framework for the future around those choices.

You are invited to attend an upcoming workshop to share your voice in the conversation. We have selected six city locations throughout the region for your convenience. Pick a date and location that works for you!

April 30:

Oberlin (Lorain, Medina, and western Cuyahoga)

Warren (Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula)

May 1:

Cleveland (Central Cuyahoga and inner-ring suburbs)

Canton (Wayne and Stark)

May 2:

Akron (Summit and Portage)

Warrenville Hts. (Lake, eastern Cuyahoga, and Geauga)


Exact locations and registration will be available soon.

Transit Space Race 2013

February 6, 2013 in News, Transportation

At Reconnecting America’s Transit Space Race page you’ll find a map of all the under construction and planned fixed guideway transit projects in the United States.  These projects were gathered in 2012 from local sources including but not limited to, long range plans, discussions with local officials, and newspaper coverage.   We understand that these projects are fluid and the estimates of cost as well as the projects themselves are subject to change frequently.  This list should be seen as a snapshot in time and not a definitive source on the subject matter.

Projects listed within the Transit Space Race are fixed guideway projects including heavy rail, commuter rail, LRT, streetcars, various technologies such as cog railways, and Bus Rapid Transit lines that have more than 50% of their right of way dedicated to the bus alone.  Rapid buses without dedicated lanes are an important part of any transit network however the inclusion of them in this project would have made the list hard to create.   Additionally, this catalog is not a list of projects we would like to see built or an endorsement of any project.  It is simply a list of what regions around the country have listed as potential projects.

Check out Reconnecting America’s page to learn more!

Finding the tools to keep Northeast Ohio’s future bright

November 26, 2012 in Communications, Conditions and Trends, News, Sustainability, Tool

In The Plain Dealer yesterday, Hunter Morrison, NEOSCC Executive Director and Jason Segedy, NEOSCC Board Chair contributed a guest column, “Finding the tools to keep Northeast Ohio’s future bright”,  to the Forum section discussing NEOSCC, the Conditions and Trends Platform and Vibrant NEO 2040.  Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Admit it: You love Northeast Ohio. You love the people, or the history, the museums, the food, or the parks and the sports. For all of us, there are aspects of our region about which we are proud, unique qualities that make it a great place to live. We all want to see the things that we love about Northeast Ohio thrive and grow, just as we would like to see the challenges facing our region addressed and put behind us.

The Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium works to help residents preserve and build upon what we value, and to fix those things that are challenging — on a regional scale. NEOSCC is a growing member-led collaboration of public agencies, elected officials, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities and community members. Our collective work will serve as the foundation for the development of Vibrant NEO 2040, a regionwide planning and engagement effort convened by the consortium to spur the development of the vision and tools that will help Northeast Ohio become a more sustainable, resilient and vibrant place to live and work.

To continue reading visit

What Can I Do Today?


Explore, Live and Transform at Green City Blue Lake

November 5, 2012 in Communications, Environment, Toolkiit

NEOSCC Consortium Member, the Green City Blue Lake Institute has launched a wonderful new website:


The new site is based on a three-step process:

  • Explore: Until you experience Northeast Ohio and the natural systems that support life here the soils, the water, the plants and animals, the climate it’s hard to know how to take care of this place. So the first step is to explore the bioregion, root yourself here, learn to love your home territory.
  • Live: Empowered with the intimate knowledge of place, you can begin to improve your own life. You can lead a healthier, more fulfilling life that has less environmental impact.
  • Transform: Beyond the changes you can make in your own life, we all need to work together on big, complicated things like the design of more sustainable cities, buildings, and transportation systems. We need a sustainability policy agenda and projects that transform the region.


What Can I Do Today?

Act: Help us spread the word

October 29, 2012 in ACT, Communications, Conditions and Trends


As a partner, supporter and/or member of NEOSCC, you have likely heard us mention our new Conditions and Trends Platform (CAT), an online tool designed to help Northeast Ohioans understand, talk about and contribute to the future of our region.

We are very excited about the potential of this tool, and we need your help to make sure it gets seen and shared.

We are relying on you and your fellow NEOSCC supporters to help spread the word about the Conditions and Trends platform to your colleagues, friends and family across the region. We’ve made it easy for you; in the attached Toolkit, you will find several components designed to help you talk about and share the Conditions and Trends Platform with your networks, in person and especially online.



Conditions and Trends Toolkit: What It Is and How to Use It

NEOSCC’s Conditions and Trends Platform (CAT) is an online tool designed to help Northeast Ohioans understand, talk about and contribute to the future of our region.

To help NEOSCC spread the word about the Platform and encourage Northeast Ohioans to make use of this resource, we’ve created a CAT Toolkit, which includes items to make it easier to talk about and share the Conditions and Trends Platform with your networks.

Toolkit Components:

  • CAT Talking Points
    A summary of the information you’ll need to talk about the CAT and NEOSCC with colleagues, friends and family.
    C&T Talking Points (DOCX)
  • CAT Executive Summary
    The CAT Executive Summary provides a short synopsis of the Platform’s Themes and key Findings. This PDF can be emailed and/or made available for downloading on your website.
    C&T Executive Summary (PDF)
  • Sample Email, Facebook and Twitter Messages
    You and your organization have substantial networks. We need your help ensuring they know the CAT Platform is a resource they can use and engaging them in NEOSCC’s efforts to make Northeast Ohio more sustainable. As part of the CAT Toolkit, we’ve provided you with sample messages you can use to share the CAT Platform with your networks by email, through Facebook and through Twitter.
    C&T Sample Email (DOCX)
    C&T Sample Tweets (DOCX)
    C&T Sample Facebook Posts (DOCX)
  • Printed Executive Summary Mailing
    A six page Executive Summary has been printed. If you are interested in distributing to your mailing lists, please contact Jeff Anderle. We have a standard cover letter and can take care of all of the mailing logistics.

What Can I Do Today?