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Imagine MyNEO! Teaser: Survey Results from EarthFest 2013

May 6, 2013 in Communications, Engagement, Scenario Planning

NEOSCC is proud to have participated in this year’s new and improved EarthFest, hosted by Earth Day Coalition at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.

As part of our exhibition at EarthFest, we hosted a short three-question survey that previewed some of the decisions Northeast Ohio residents will be faced with in our upcoming online game focused on scenario planning.  This Summer, NEOSCC will be launching an on-line engagement tool entitled Imagine MyNEO! that is based on an the open source software, Crowd Gauge. Imagine MyNEO! will allow the entire region to share their priorities with the Vibrant NEO process.

In this survey, participants were first asked to describe the community they live in as urban, suburban, or rural. Next, they were prompted to identify up to three sustainability issues that they feel are important for the region. Lastly, they were asked to select what kind of Northeast Ohio they would like to live in, based upon a set of options. This survey had 52 respondents. Below are the results of that survey. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out Imagine MyNEO!

Housing: Strategies to respond to residents’ needs and values

April 26, 2013 in Housing

Housing choice connects with transportation options, public health & improved access to opportunities

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a publication outlining various strategies communities can use to ensure redevelopment plans respond to the needs of existing residents and reflect their values.  The strategies are grouped under seven common elements that connect environmental justice, smart growth, and equitable development:

  • Facilitate Meaningful Community Engagement in Planning and Land Use Decisions
  • Promote Public Health and a Clean and Safe Environment
  • Strengthen Existing Communities
  • Provide Housing Choices
  • Provide Transportation Options
  • Improve Access to Opportunities and Daily Necessities
  • Preserve and Build on the Features That Make a Community Distinctive

Creating Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities was developed jointly by EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and HUD’s Office of Sustainable Communities.

For complimentary hard copies of the report (including free shipping), email or call 800-490-9198 and request product code: EPA 231-K-10-005.  You can download a pdf of the report here:  EPA Creating Sustainable Communities report. Feb 2013.

Learn and Act: Sustainable Planning and Zoning in Stark County

November 2, 2012 in News, Planning and Zoning, Stark, Toolkiit

Throughout Northeast Ohio, different organizations are integrating sustainability into their approaches to planning, operations and decision-making. As part of a recent Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant, Stark County Regional Planning Commission (SCRPC) created the Sustainable Planning and Zoning Handbook.  Created in 2011, SCRPC developed a tool that provides principles, examples and approaches to planning and zoning.

Transportation Page, Sustainable Planning and Zoning Handbook

SCRPC describes the handbook as…

The purpose of this handbook is to provide local communities with guiding principles to assist them in becoming more sustainable. Each section will briefly cover different steps that communities can take to achieve this goal. Examples and/or resources of what other communities are doing will also be provided in each section. The appendix of this document contains sustainability-designed, model zoning ordinances that can be tailored to conform to individual zoning resolutions. Please note that not every principle in this handbook may apply to every community. Do keep in mind, however, that sustainable planning means planning for the future, not just the present; just because an item may not apply today doesn’t mean that it might not be applicable at a later date.

Visit the Stark County Regional Planning Commission website to learn more.

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