Community Solutions Launches Common Ground Newsletter

From Executive Director John Begala:

2013 is the Centennial of The Center for Community Solutions and as part of our preparation for the next century, we are updating and adding to our decision support publications and events. What do I mean by decision support? Simply a term describing how CCS’s work informs executives and professionals in government, non-profits, and business as they make decisions. At this moment, you are reading our newly updated and reformatted newsletter, Common Ground. We are pleased to add Common Ground to our myriad decision support publications available through membership or online at The name Common Ground reflects our longstanding commitment to collaboration –especially in the policy arena. As you know, the many challenges that continue to confront American society are subject to a rising tide of partisanship and ill will. We aim to play a role in moderating the tone of this public discourse by relentlessly focusing our research and analyses on shared goals and opportunities. Call us “radical moderates” – we think this approach serves us all in the long run. Hence the new title, replacing our long-standing Planning & Action. Please share your thoughts with us either by directly contacting the authors in Common Ground or by writing me at”

To view this month’s newsletter, please visit here.

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