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Welcome to the Vibrant NEO 2040
Alternative Scenarios On-Line Open House

Welcome!  We have created this on-line engagement tool so that you too can engage in our Alternative Futures conversation even if you can not make the Open Houses.

The page is divided into four different areas: Intro Video; An Overview of Each Scenarios; How each scenario effects different Subject Matter Areas (i.e. Migration/Reinvestment, Development, Environment, Agriculture, Transportation and Fiscal Health); and a summary analysis of the Scenarios using a series of indicators. You can also download all the boards as a PDF by Click Here for Alternative Scenarios Open House BOARDS PDF  and/or Click here for Community Type Visual Preference Survey Boards.

We have created four different methods for engaging on-line.

  • You can leave a comment below at the bottom of this page.
  • You can download our engagement forms (see the document link below) and mail them to NEOSCC/146 S. High Street/Akron, Ohio 44308 or scan and email to
  • You can send us an email at

Watch the introductory video! This video, which will be shown at the Open Houses, explains the Vibrant NEO process and what we have accomplished so far.  It also describes some of the Trend Scenario findings that we shared at the April and May Workshops. Finally, the video sets the stage for our work together choosing a future for Northeast Ohio.

Scenario Overview:
 At the Open Houses, we will be discussing four different scenarios for the future of Northeast Ohio:  Trend, Growing the Same, Doing Things Differently and Growing Differently.  These four scenarios have been developed to illustrate some of the potential alternatives for the region.  What we would like to explore is what aspects of each scenario resonate.  What do you like or dislike about each?  Click through the slide show to learn more about these potential futures.

So how do these Scenarios effect Northeast Ohio’s Migration/ Reinvestment, Development, Environment, Agriculture, Transportation and Fiscal Health?
 These images illustrate detailed differences of the four difference scenarios.  Similar to the overall scenario slide show, we ask that you think about what parts or components of each the scenarios you like or dislike.

What are your preferences?  The following is a slide show of our visual preference boards for Community types.

So what do you think?

  • You can download our engagement forms (see the document link below) and mail them to NEOSCC/146 S. High Street/Akron, Ohio 44308 or scan and email to

How do the Scenarios measure up side by side?
 Here are two summary boards that provide a comparison through a series of indicators.

Preliminary Imagine MyNEO Results

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Welcome to our on-line open house. Please leave comments below.

I prefer the “Do Things Differently” Scenario the best because it will preserve the most rural land and open space.

I hate sprawl and lament the loss of cities and encroachment on forests and farms. However we have to be realistic as much as everyone is only trying to say positive things. Most people leave their neighborhoods and move further out because of crime. Safety must be addressed in a big way if we are going to save our cities.

I prefer the “do things differently” because we must plan for the future not just for the present and the past. Expansion of transit including buses, light rail and inter city rail are musts to connect us and to attract the talent and business that Northeast Ohio so badly needs. We are falling behind nearby states like Illinois that are thriving. Ohio spends a smaller percentage on public transit than other states. Transit is green, encourages density (which is a good thing) and protects the wildlife and greenspace from being turned into more roads and parking lots. We need to rebuild our inner core. Cities that are thriving are attracting people who want walkable neighborhoods without the need to own a car. Cleveland can build on the success of places like Ohio City and University Circle. If we continue with sprawl we will fall far behind Pittsburgh and Chicago and become a “has been” city. Young people and baby boomers are seeking a new lifestyle and rejecting the large homes in suburbs that require endless driving. I have moved to an urban neighborhood in Cleveland and I rarely use my car. I chose my neighborhood because I can walk to most of the daily necessities and ride the bus and the rapid easily. But it is a disgrace that RTA has been cut so drastically since 2008. Service should be every few minutes as it is in Chicago and other great cities. We also need light rail going north and south connecting downtown, Metro Health, Parma and Tri C in Parma./

This smells alot like Agenda 21. If you are not familiar with Agenda 21, please Google that term and read up. Or simply go to and search for the words “Agenda 21” or “Sustainable Development”. This scheme jeopardizes our property rights and our right of self-determination.

I prefer the “trend” scenario, as it is the least intrusive on the rights of private property owners. I am totally opposed to being ‘nudged’ into lifestyle choices against my will. Oh, I know, the proposals made by the NEOSCC are simply ‘suggestions’ and no political subdivision will be forced to make changes. But, monies will be funneled into regional pet projects, diverting private investment decisions. Heck, the NEOSCC talked the DOT and HUD into spending 3 million dollars on this project….that’s just for starters. I say, “no, thanks”, let me live where I want, how I want and don’t tax me out of my house or tax me out of my cars. Oh, yes…I surveyed several NEOSCC members at the Akron Open house, asking them if they used public transportation or walked or biked to the meeting. Unsurprisingly, NONE answered in the affirmative.

We need to do something drastic to make our region competitive again. We need to use our best information and all the tools available to use to get our housing and land use situation under control. This effort is much needed and should have been done 20 years ago.

Let’s not look to far – how do we not become another Detroit? – jobs for the middle class, not just the elites in business and in government – this means manufacturing and production, which creates wealth, which means stopping free trade and promoting the amount of capital invested per worker. Keeping the middle class gainfully and productively employed taking care of their own needs and the needs of their family – they will continue to build and support their communites, if only we would support them by buying American and not viewing them as pariahs and having our consumers develope more of an affinity for the slave laborers of China and India for the allegedly lower price. “Lower prices” have a huge cost.

I prefer the “trend” scenario. NEOSCC did not spend a lot of time discussing the assumptions used in this model. In fact, when I attended the workshop in Oberlin, we were not even allowed to ask any questions. So it’s hard for me to put a lot of faith in the doom and gloom scenario that they presented. I don’t buy it and I don’t trust this at all.

I’ve attended a workshop and an info Forum hosted by the Vibrantneo group. After checking it out I realized that this is nothing more or less than a SCAM of sorts. We have maps with predetermined results and just FUN for all, just ot make everyone feel good abouit what they are trying to do. It’s supported by HUD who I don’t feel as any business involved in something like this as this seems to be part of the UN Agenda 21, which we are supposed to be falling in line with. My take is that his could turn into a monstosity, and put a further burden on tax payers to support, much like the common core standards will do. I’m in full support of DEFUNDING this and and any other Progressive plan that undermines our Republic. Thank you and Good Day!

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