Redeveloping East Liberty Neighborhood, Pittsburgh

As part of a grantee peer-to-peer exchange in Pittsburgh this week, we were given a tour of the East Liberty Neighborhood redevelopment project.

From the East Liberty Development Corporation’s website:

Our first community plan, A Vision for East Liberty, produced in 1999, helped guide our neighborhood’s recovery from urban renewal efforts. Recognizing the success that followed the 1999 plan, we decided to come together again to include new and old neighbors and expand and refine our vision. Through a process of community meetings, a broad range of people who live, work, shop, play, worship, and invest in East Liberty shared our love for the neighborhood, our concerns, and our dreams for its future. The guiding principles below, which emerged from these meetings, will guide residents, developers, organizers, and stakeholders through the ever-evolving process of planning and development toward our community’s goals.

Over the last 12 years, 1,400 high-rise public housing units have bee replaced by 450 new mixed-income units. The neighborhood has also attracted national retailers Home, Depot, Whole Foods and Target.

Learn more about the project:

  • Download a copy of the 1999 Community Plan, A Vision For East Liberty, or the 2010 Community Plan,Many Voices Driving Neighborhood Change.
  • The dramatic changes in East Liberty did not arise from the Community Plans alone. Planning and market research studies have informed the development progress of East Liberty and the entire East End.  Access other plans and studies





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East Liberty is such an amazing and up-and-coming neighborhood in Pittsburgh, especially from what it used to be. I had the opportunity to take part in the same tour during my master’s studies in Sustainable Systems which really helped spur my interest in sustainable urban planning (the potential focus of my dissertation now at Kent State). Thanks for sharing and reminding me of what poorly-viewed urban areas can become.

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