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In June, the NEOSCC published its first report, the Conditions and Trends platform.  The platform is the result of over 150 experts in the region coming together to look at Northeast Ohio and how our land use effects economic development, the environment, housing and communities and transportation.  The resulting report was transformed into what we call a platform or launching place for engagement. By creating an on-line tool, we ensured that the platform can evolve as we engage the region in a discussion about existing conditions and trends.  It also creates the opportunity to add more data, maps and graphics as we become aware of these resources.

We developed the Conditions and Trends Platform with four distinct ways for everyone in Northeast Ohio to learn about the findings:

Atlas of Platform Maps

Themes – five themes were developed based on the relationship between the findings;

Subject Matter (i.e. Economic Development, Environment, etc.);

Maps/Geographies – the site includes a Northeast Ohio Atlas of maps developed for the Platform; and

Search – the entire site is searchable by key words, location, and subject matter.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to explore the Platform, we encourage you to visit and share your thoughts with us!  

If you are interested in helping to get the word out about the Platform, visit our Communications Toolkit for email, mailing, social media and graphics resources! 

What Can I Do Today?

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Comments (2)

I am flummoxed.

Improves our quality of life;
I thought we had a pretty good quality of life here. I moved back for that.
Connects our communities;
We have very connected communities. Each is unique and there is certainly a north/south/east/west rivalry. But we are connected enough.
Welcomes diversity;
For crying out loud! That is one of Cleveland’s strong suits.
Restores and protects our natural resources;
RESTORES? I am a child of the 70s. Trust me. We don’t need a huge organization for this.
Creates a competitive economic framework that fuels the vitality of our region.
Reduce taxes and support businesses. There ya go.

What is the real goal here???

Thanks for the comment! The mission of NEOSCC is to protect, preserve, and advance the quality of life for current Northeast Ohioans and for future Northeast Ohio generations. Like many people in this region, we think Northeast Ohio is great place to live, work and raise a family, but it seems that much of what makes this region great is at risk of decline and deterioration, and so NEOSCC is trying to find collaborative ways to protect our communities for our children and grandchildren.

We are trying to think through how we can become better stewards of our economic and natural resources without sacrificing the things that have made Northeast Ohio a great place to live and raise a family. People have thought about sustainability at least as long as the first farmer realized he needed to rotate his crops to get the most out of his land. This is the same kind of thinking NEOSCC is doing as we think about our communities and their long term future.

If there are any questions you still have, or if you would like to provide us with any information, ideas or feedback, please feel free to submit them. We would welcome your participation in the planning process.

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