Drive to 500! Vibrant NEO Socially Speaking

The Drive to 500! 2013 promises to be an amazing time for the Vibrant NEO effort and Northeast Ohio. In getting ready for the coming year, we are making an end of year Drive to 500 Facebook Likes. (I actually think we can get quite a bit more!) Share it with your friends throughout the region. You can like us here… Vibrant NEO on Facebook

Our social media footprint includes the following different channels to keep up with our work

Pinterest – our developing pins of great images and assets throughout the region

Linked In – our growing business network featuring Vibrant NEO 2040 news as well as items submitted by members.

Twitter  – our daily outreach through events, partners and dig-neo facts

Facebook – our community and organization outreach and photos

You Tube – our board and engagement video library

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