What is a Public Housing Authority?

NEOSCC counts numerous Public Housing Authorities among its membership.  Shawna Daugherty of Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority prepared a NEO 101 Series presentation on “What is a Public Housing Authority?” to educate our board on the different aspects of PHA’s.  Here are a few facts:

Public Housing Authorities (PHA)provide housing and rental assistance to low-income families through two programs:

Public Housing
With this method, the PHA owns and manages properties. Approximately 1.2 million families reside in public housing around the country. Properties range from single family homes to high-rise apartments.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)
This method allows families to use a voucher anywhere a landlord is willing to accept it. The housing authority will subsidize the rent and utilities. Voucher programs serve about 3 million families nationwide.

Beyond these core services, PHA’s offer a variety of ancillary community services in support of their housing developments. There are a number of community partners with the PHAs. The local, state, and federal government all pitch in to help PHAs achieve their goals by ensuring community development will lead to larger community revitalization. Some Community Development Corporations may also give aide; grants and tax credit applications require community support. 

In Northeast Ohio, we have 15 PHAs throughout the region and there are 78 PHA’s in Ohio.  Take a look at the NEO101 Presentation to learn more.

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